Digital Materials

NRLD offers several opportunities for our patrons to access e-books, e-audio books, and magazines at home on various tablets, computers, or smart phones. You can access most of these items with just your barcode (no spaces typed) and your PIN (usually the last four digits of your phone number).

3M Cloud Library logo

As a partner of the E-Read Illinois project, NRLD offers access to this library of e-books and e-audio books. Search the SHARE catalog for your favorite authors or titles and restrict the search to 3M. You can also search through the 3M Cloud Library App. Visit 3M Cloud Library page for more details. The support page includes links to videos to help with the process. Our library is listed as Illinois Heartland Library System.

Digital Library of Illinois

E-books and e-audio books are available to NRLD patrons through their website. Instructions to get you started are here. This is an Overdrive product. The Overdrive app is available at your favorite app store. Our library is listed as Illinois Heartland Library System, not by our individual name.