Libby Tutorial

Who Is Libby and Where Are All the Books?!

Libby is the name of an app available for smart devices running iOS 9+ (get it from the Apple App Store) or Android 5.0+ (get it on Google Play). App installation is beyond the scope of this guide, but if you need help with your devices inquire at your local library.

Once the app is installed, where do we go from there? What even is a "digital library"?

What is a "digital library"?

The registration process is (mostly) painless. Investigate this page to find out all about getting signed up with Libby from the first loading screen all the way to your digital library card.

Maybe you just like to do things your way. Maybe you just like to look under the hood and see what's going on in there. Visit this page to get your hands dirty with some options. I promise, it's actually really easy, but there are several things you can change and this page tells you all about them.

I'm ready already! Bring on the books! If you have a digital library card and are ready to put it to good use, this page is all about searching for books, placing holds, checking out, and more!