About Library

Newman Regional Library District is an independent government agency supervised by a seven member board of trustees elected by the residents of Newman and southern Murdock Township of Douglas County. We are a member of Illinois Heartland Library System which gives us access to extensive resources throughout Illinois.

Library Board of Trustees (terms)

The Library Board of Trustees are elected officials. They receive no payment for their services.

President Kim McGee (2021-2025)

Vice President Karen Smith (2017-2023)

Secretary Beth Leitz (2019-2025)

Treasurer Stacey Keys (2019-2023)


Glenna White (2021-2025)

Ben Watson (2021-2027)

William Benner (2021-2027)

Contact Trustees: library-board@newmanregionallibrary.org

The Guiding Principles for Your Library

The mission of the Newman Regional Library District is to provide educational, informational, cultural, and recreational resources and services to all ages of people in the Newman Regional Library District. The library will provide access to the universe of information, and especially that information which is of immediate relevance and interest to the community it serves. The library seeks to accomplish its mission through prudent management and development of its resources, and by providing access to materials and services to meet the present and future needs of the community it serves. In this effort, the Newman Regional Library District cooperates with other libraries, and with other educational, and governmental institutions. Special emphasis is placed on current popular materials. The library serves as a learning center and educational center for all residents of the community.

The Library Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 6 pm.

The board meeting schedule for FY20 is as follows: